Projects and Links

In case you haven’t noticed

Floating Phantoms is crazy about Halloween !

And we bet you are too.

So we have listed lots of links to all things Halloween.  You’ll want to check each one of them out.

You’ll never know what you might find !

Decorating Ideas

Need some new ideas for decorating your home? Check out these links:

DYI Projects

If you’re handy with tools and love to build things, then you really need to visit our list of Do-It-Yourself projects:

Food & Drink

Make your next Halloween party a feast of gruesome eyeballs. Or severed lady fingers. Or toxic drinks. Lot’s of great ideas for food and drinks can be found here:

Phantom’s Favorites

Phantom’s Favorites is a list of our favorite Halloween links. Cool props, unique costumes, Halloween History, and lot’s more:

Blogs and Forums

All sorts of blogs and forums related to Halloween:

Other Halloween Links

A list of other Halloween related sites and information:

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