Q: How many years have you been in the Halloween business?
Q: What areas does Floating Phantoms do business in?
Q: How much does an installation cost?
Q: Do we rent, lease, or own the decor?
Q: Are these just store props that we can buy and setup ourselves?
Q: Will you setup/install props/decor that we already own?
Q: Do we need an electrician?
Q: Do we need to be home for the installation?
Q: How long does the installation take?
Q: Who do we contact if there is a problem?
Q: How much advanced notice do you need?
Q: When will the installation be scheduled?
Q: When will everything be taken down?
Q: Does Floating Phantoms do commercial installations?
Q: What are the payment terms?
Q: How much does an estimate cost?
Q: Does Floating Phantoms do indoor decorating?
Q: Can I change the decorations each year?
Q: Do you offer discounts?
Q: Do we have to manually turn anything on, or set anything up?

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